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Granite 101

Emerald Pearl Granite

Memorial Type

What type of memorial

are you interested in?

Click here to see the many types of memorials available.

Elberton Gray


Consider how large of a

memorial you want.

 We will take care of

getting all of the dimensions necessary for you.

India Sierra Gray


What finish do you

want for your memorial?

There are many options for finishes, the most popular are:

polished, rock pitched, steeled, sawn, axed, and shell rock.

We will show you all of your options and answer any questions you have regarding choosing a finish for your monument.

Click here for more information on finishes available.

Tropical Green


Flat or shape carving is an option for all monuments.

The terms refer simply to

how the design is sandblasted into the stone.

Click here to see the difference between flat and shape carved.

Morning Rose Granite


What color stone

do you want?

Most stones are a version

of grey, red (pink) or black.

Click here for a complete list of colors of granite available.

Silver Cloud


What memorial design

do you want?

Most popular shapes

for the top of the monument

are serpentine, oval and flat. 

Most monument sides are straight, but can also be tapered, convex or concave.

Feel free to use your imaginations.

Click here to see

the various shapes.

Blue Pearl

Family Information

Consider what you would like  to be on your monument.

Would you like to personalize with poems, items representing hobbies or sports,

scenery or pictures?

We will walk you through

every decision regarding the information that you

want on your memorial.

Contact Us
to set-up an appointment for your memorial planning consultation

Thanks for submitting!

We will be in touch soon!

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