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Types of Memorials

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Flat Marker

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Bevel Marker


Pet Memorial

Gravestone Bench Memorial

Bench Memorial


Upright Memorial Marker

Bronze on Granite Grave Marker

Bronze Marker

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Slant Marker

FLAT MARKERS - Flat or lawn level are the most common grave markers and are usually made from granite or bronze and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are two types of flat markers: flush lawn-level grave markers sit at the head of the grave and ledger lawn-level grave markers lay lengthwise over the plot. Flat markers are set on a concrete foundation.


BEVEL MARKERS - A bevel marker, sometimes called a pillow marker because of the gently sloping angle of the face, is a raised marker that rests above the ground. Like a flat marker, it sets flat at the grave site. The back of the grave marker is slightly higher than the front, making it more visible in a cemetery than a flat marker and can be finished with a wider variety of style and design options. Like flat markers, bevel markers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are set on a concrete foundation.


SLANT MARKERS - A slant marker is usually 12 – 16 inches tall. While not tall enough to be considered an upright monument, a slanted grave marker has a wider base that slants towards the back presenting an upward profile that stands out in a cemetery because the granite is cut to sit at a steep angle. It can be placed on a solid granite base or installed directly on a poured concrete foundation. These markers can be finished with rough sides and top or with any number of sides polished.


UPRIGHT MONUMENTS - Upright monuments are commonly referred to as headstones. Varieties include: tables and bases, slants on bases, slants on concrete, statuary, artistic, and elaborate monuments. Throughout time, people have chosen to commemorate the lives of those loved, and respected by the creation of customized burial monuments.



BRONZE - As with granite cemetery monuments, bronze cemetery monuments will last generations with almost no degradation. Since an expensive mold is required to create a customized bronze cemetery monument, you will select a style and add your loved one’s name, dates, and the design your choose. You can be creative, but you may be limited in the ways you can personalize it. The bronze monument piece is often mounted on a granite base before it is installed at the cemetery.



BENCHES - Benches are a great way to remember and pay tribute to friends, loved ones or associates, fellow workers, classmates, or golf partners. They are available simply as memorial park benches, or as repositories for cremated remains. Memorial benches make great donations for parent teacher organizations for recognizing teachers or remembering students. Local clubs can recognize past presidents, members for years of service, or get recognized for donating benches or other products to the community. Veteran organizations find that benches and memorial plaque bases are great on and around war memorials.


PET MEMORIALS - Pets become loved members of a family and their passing often leave owners with a heavy heart. Honor their loss with a special memorial. Choose from beautiful pet memorial stones, grave markers, plaques, cremation urns, and other unique pet memorial items. 


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